Loving women as Jesus does.

Women recovering from methamphetamine often lack the necessary life skills to enable them to remain meth free. As a result, they often return to using. Loving Solutions is the only sober living home in the Shreveport/Bossier region specially designed for women who have struggled with meth where they can learn life skills that will help them remain free from meth. Our Christ-centered life recovery program provides women with access to rescue, relationships, resources and recovery.

Our desire is to see that every woman receives healing through the love of Jesus so that she can learn to love herself again.


    • Loving Solutions women come from prison or a treatment center.
    • Women apply to live in the Loving Solutions home and be a part of their life recovery program.


    • Loving Solutions women are introduced to the One who as the all healing power - Jesus Christ.
    • Mentoring: each woman is assigned a sponsor to facilitate their recovery.


    • Through Loving Solutions, women gain access to life-changing resources necessary for a free life.
    • A 1 year, holistic, life recovery program
    • Weekly life coaching sessions
    • Celebrate Recovery
    • Genesis Process - Counseling & trauma recovery
    • Financial Literacy
    • Job Training


    • Loving Solution's one year life recovery program is designed to holistically move women to freedom and self-sufficiency.
    • This program includes counseling, trauma therapy, mentoring, life skills and classes to rebuild every level of their life.

    Loving Club

    Join the Club, Change a Life!

    Did you know that simply giving a little every month would accomplish big things? Your commitment to give monthly can provide a woman access to rescue, relationships that are life giving, life changing resources and full recovery.

    By joining a club, you become a part of Loving Solution's ministry in a unique way, helping lay a solid financial foundation for our program to flourish and grow with the ever-expanding need.

    Want to know what your giving does?

    Check it out below!

    By joining The Club, look what you can help accomplish:

    • Provide food and shelter for 8 women
    • Provide counseling services
    • Fund upkeep of home
    • Fund salary of housemothers
    • Fund utilities for home