Why Focus on Women Recovering from Meth?

We aim to help women recovering from meth in Shreveport, LA

Loving Solutions is the only recovery home specifically for women healing from meth in Shreveport, Louisiana. Dr. Goeders has studied drug addiction for more than 35 years and has seen its crippling effects first-hand. Volunteer with us today to make a difference in the lives of women healing from meth.

While we believe in helping both men and women who are struggling with meth addiction, we specifically focus on women healing from meth for several reasons:

Addiction treatment and research has historically been focused on men

-and while men are two to three times more likely to use other drugs, women are equally as likely as men are to use meth, if not more so.

Women are often the primary caregivers of children

-these innocent children can become victims to meth addiction and the stress of parenthood, and can sometimes even be the cause of meth use in mothers.

Meth damages dopamine receptors, causing a vicious cycle of addiction

-meth initially increases dopamine levels in the brain, but once the brain's nerve endings have been damaged, users are caught chasing the euphoria of their first use.

Many women are led into prostitution or sex trafficking because of their addiction

-the euphoria caused by meth is sexual in nature and women often find themselves trading sex for drugs.

The women in our meth recovery home will be from all walks of life

-the women addicted to meth in Shreveport, Louisiana are a diverse group of mothers, sisters, teachers, nurses, doctors and lawyers.