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Learning to live drug free

Loving Solutions is a Christ-centered community in the Shreveport area serving women healing from the effects of crystal meth. Once a woman, aged 18 or above, has completed therapy and is drug free, Loving Solutions provides a safe and loving environment where she can learn the life skills that she needs to live drug free.

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The struggle of Methamphetamine

Do you know someone who has struggled with crystal meth (methamphetamine, crystal, ice)?

Maybe she is your daughter, your sister, your mother, a cousin or other close family member. Maybe she was a co-worker. Maybe she was your neighbor. But you watched with sadness as she suffered the devastating physical and psychological harms that crystal meth produces. She became isolated and suspicious of everyone, and you quickly learned that you could not trust her being around you or your family any longer. Then she disappeared from sight.

Maybe you struggled with meth yourself. You first tried it to lose weight or boost your energy, but before long it was as though you were staring into the face of the devil. The drug took total control over you, and you became paranoid about everyone. But no one wanted to be around you anymore anyway. You lost your job, your home, your friends. You may have even lost custody of your children.

If this was someone you knew, maybe she was lucky enough to get into rehab, or perhaps she went to jail. She was able to get sober there, and you were hopeful that all of her problems were over. But before you knew it, she was back to using crystal meth as though she had never stopped.

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Loving Solutions is provided at a low cost

to the ladies we serve or to their families

We exist so that our guests can focus on the healing love of Jesus, and on themselves.

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Loving Solutions is open. We have stepped out in faith by purchasing the home and property for Loving Solutions, furnishing the home, and we have accepted our first residents. We have absolute Faith that God will continue to provide - that He will touch the hearts of many more who will help us. If God reaches out to you to help us, we can use your help. Please help us!