Loving Solutions

A Twelve-Month, Christ-Centered Discipleship Program in the Shreveport/Bossier City region for Women struggling with an addiction to methamphetamine.

Christ-Centered recovery for Women Struggling with Meth Addiction

Complete healing from addiction is possible through relationship with Jesus Christ and His people. Loving Solutions provides a healthy, nurturing environment in a twelve month discipleship program to help women heal through Jesus and become the overcomers God created them to be.


The mission of Loving Solutions is to provide a safe, Christ-centered environment for women recovering from methamphetamine addiction. On their road to recovery, women will learn necessary life skills based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ that will help them maintain sobriety long-term.


Dr. Nick Goeders and his wife Linda founded Loving Solutions to help women struggling with methamphetamine addiction to have a second chance at a full life with the help of Jesus Christ.

Loving Solutions is the only place in the Shreveport/Bossier City region specifically designed for women struggling with methamphetamine addiction where they can learn life skills to help them remain drug free.

Why does loving solutions focus on helping women suffering from addiction to meth?

  1. Unlike most drugs, women are just as likely as men to use methamphetamine.
  2. Drug addiction is especially difficult for women since pregnancy and children are often involved.
  3. Methamphetamine increases dopamine production at a three or four times higher rate than cocaine or morphine making it especially difficult to stop abusing.
  4. Methamphetamine abuse over time can lead to permanent brain damage.
  5. Methamphetamine abuse often becomes a gateway for sex trafficking.

Loving Solutions is dedicated to helping women stop the cycle of abuse and find complete healing and freedom in Jesus Christ!

Get Help

Overcome Addiction with Help from Jesus

Amphetamine addiction is very difficult to overcome, but with proper help healing can be found. Loving Solutions provides help for women seeking healing from methamphetamine addiction through a year-long, in-house discipleship program designed to help you become the person God always meant for you to be. God never meant for you or your loved one to be a meth addict! If you're a woman struggling with a methamphetamine addiction who would like to hit the 'reset' button on her life and start over, Loving Solutions can help you do that.

Contribute to Loving Solutions

Loving Solutions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping women heal from addiction to methamphetamine through practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are solely dependent on contributions from members of the community to continue this good work. We offer this program at no charge to women in need of care.